Our company is certified with ISO 9001 : 2015 & EN 1090 – 1 and our products posses CE marking.


We specialize in manufacturing modern steel buildings, traditional metal constructions and industrial facilities, in accordance with the principles of international standard production planning and project management.


SIVIKAT LTD. has got a permanent staff, capable of facing any problems both on the area of construction and design, with long term experience in the area of constructions achieved by the great number of projects made until today.


We collaborate with other companies of similar targets in Greece and abroad, as well as associations or joined enterprises and generally we establish and participate in businesses of the same or similar targets.

The aims of our company are:

  1. To construct every kind of metal industrial structures, industrial building, crane bridges, containers, types of coaches, traditional metal constructions and lighting tissues for road lighting, safety parapets and any constructions of similar kind.
  2. Every kind of work on iron and sheet – iron.
  3. The cooperation with other companies of the same or similar targets in Greece and abroad, the foundation of associations or joined enterprises and generally the establishment or participation in businesses of the same or similar targets.

Products & Solutions

Metal industrial buildings
Containers – Tanks for liquid fuel
Glass Closets
Lighting Tissues
Various Steel Structures

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contact-address1st km Amigdaleona - Zigos
Kavala, P.C. 64 012
contact-phone+30 2510 392 267, 392 227
+30 2510 392 447
contact-fax+30 2510 391 720, 392 447